Saturday, 16 November 2013

DHE & Live Hoi An

Launching our website, we have added some nice spot. Some of the spots added are from different sources on the web and also some of our guys got hold of some places too.

Some places of information includes live hoi an magazine, DHE uses some part of information in the "Other information" field in our yellow pages spot.

We also use some other information app like Hoi An cheat sheet, checked out some places we missed on Travel guide and our 404 error page if you by chance come across it was picked from this Jordan McDonald ( He is a great guy).

On live Hoi An, we have written E-mails back and forth, but one last step was meeting with some representative in Hoi An to discuss about  content usage, but after we could not receive email of the contact probably because of the flooding in Hoi An which we later got to see pictures on facebook, We went ahead to release the website according to our project timeline.

Our action have annoyed some people from live Hoi An. Fast forward to few hours we received email from the CEO of live Hoi An criticising our action and that of our partners.

Our believe is that since we started our conversation, we will be able to work things out at the end of the day and not the delaying the project we worked on for few months, also considering the fact that we are just one small community.

This is our own way of saying to everybody that we have annoyed in Live Hoi An Magazine that we are truly sorry and deeply sorry for what happened.

We appreciate all those that have sent email from facebook to our enquiry page appreciating what we've done.We love you just as you love us too. And for those that have called us name, we also believe that we all can't sleep facing the same direction.

Positivity and negativity is what makes a brand and we are happy to receive both and move on.

We wish all parties involve good luck and to move on like we did. And every other things we need to iron out should be via email as we believe we can have a truce without the world knowing or tarnishing images on social media.

We are easy going people and won't want to be known otherwise.