Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Free Banner Ads on Da Nang/Hoi An Community Website


   Before now, we have received mail of homepage banner ads for DHE, but since we not ready and still focused on promoting the brand, we decided its not a good time to have banner ads on the website.

  But starting from May 1st, in celebrating the vietnamese holiday, we in DHE have decided to have free banner ads on the homepage to kickoff receiving banners on DHE.

Example of a banner ad.

So if you have your business listing on DHE, you are automatically qualified for this new promotion. All you have to do is send us a nice looking banner of your business via enquiries@dananghoianexpats.com. We will pick it up and post your ads online.

The banner ad will be given only to 10 first business owners, and its a first come first serve opportunity. Any post after might be on other pages and not the homepage.

What to do
1. Design a nice looking image that users will click for your business..(image should be at least 760 by 100).
2. Pictures should be either in .jpg or.png format, am sure you know .png is way better.
3. upload your image to  enquiries@dananghoianexpats.com.

Remember it's free. This promo will run for 1 month stretch. In the course of the promo, if your business page on DHE could have 5 recommendation from website users or 3 reviews on your business page on DHE. Such business banner will be listed for an extra 1 month...So you have 2 months. 

Give your business more exposure with the speed rising of DHE community website...

Let the entry keeps rolling in and happy holidays to everyone

PS: The initial promo was a success, so let get this going too...


DHE Team